Wu Lei Chuan Kung Fu

What is Wu Lei Chuan Kung Fu?

Wu Lei Chuan or Five Thunder Fist is a hybrid method of martial arts utilising 6 key arts. The art combines the key attributes and essence of the wuleichuanfollowing arts :-

 • Lau Kar Leung Hung Gar Kung Fu

• Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolin Temple)

• Chen Shi Tai Ji Chuan (Chen Jia Gou)

• Five Thunder Dim Mak (Tian Men Shan, Wudang and Emei)

• Taoist Shen Wu Lin Chuan (Tian Men Shan and Emei)

• Ancient and modern Chinese Military Martial Arts (Chinese Military)

•  Liu He Ba Fa (Hua Shan)

This programme includes traditional weapons such as Sabre (Dao), Spring and Autumn Broadsword (Gwan dao), Jian Straight Sword, Da Pa Trident, Long Pole, Mother and Son Swords, Eye brow pole, etc.


As well as the skills listed above there are sub arts such as 8 Immortals Drunken Boxing which can also be studied within Wu Lei Chuan.


Wu Lei Chuan uses traditional training methods from Shaolin Temple as a basis and foundation to build upon. We then move into age appropriate training to teach the arts as they were meant to be, ultimately combining the 6 methods to form a well rounded martial art.



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