Chin Na

Chin Na is a Chinese term describing techniques used to control or lock an opponent’s joints or muscles / tendons so he cannot move.  The word Chin means to trap or seize (as in trapping the arm) and Na means to break or lock ( as in breaking the arm or locking it in place so the opponent cannot move)

Chin Na methods give the ability to lock joints on the body like the elbow, shoulder and wrist joints through to finger locks and neck restraints.


All of the methods should have a Yin or Yang element to them. For example the Yin element of the technique would be the manipulation of the joint for restraining purposes. The Yang element would be the destruction of the joint through dislocation or a break.

There are numerous techniques which lend themselves to Chin Na applications. When you extract these techniques they can be used as an entry method for follow up strikes. When someones tries to strike you with a punch or kick you must first get past that limb. This could be done with a block or using a Chin Na method to manipulate the joint or limb so you can gain access in order to strike.

Chin Na teaches correct body mechanics so that the techniques can be implemented correctly whilst keeping you in a safe position when restraining an attacker.

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