Streetly Class

4 05 2021

GOOD NEWS! At last we can confirm that our classes at Streetly will be open from 17th May 2021.

Classes will be Monday and Wednesday as normal but with a slightly early start at 7:30pm. Numbers will be limited at each class as ‘rule of six’ will apply at first.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at training.

Classes starting back in May

3 05 2021

Hope you are all well and looking forward to coming back training. When we know the exact times and dates we will post the information here and also on the Facebook page.

Could all current students please contact Sifu Virk ( email via the website, text or whatsapp ) to let him know if you intend to come back to training this month as it will still be ‘rule of six’.

Thank you and Sifu Virk looks forward to seeing you all again.


30 09 2020

Sunday Tai Chi classes at Bloxwich are currently on hold and have been moved to Wednesdays 11am -12pm

Monday Tai Chi class at Oak Park Leisure Centre has moved to Thursdays 10:30 – 11:30am


21 09 2020

Mark at Streetly Community Association has informed us that the centre has and will not be open again until 2nd November 2020.

Tuesday class at Shelfield is still open.


9 09 2020

Streetly class will be starting again from Monday 14th September. At the moment we can only have a maximum of 6 students at each class. We have been informed the squash court will be empty for 20min before we go in to allow for cleaning.

At the moment we can only have a 1 hour lesson so please arrive just before so we can take contact information and your temperature.

No monthly payment will be taken and we ask if you could pay the exact amount which (because of the shorter lesson) will be only £5.00.

The Shelfield class opened again last night and Sifu Virk was pleased to see everyone back at training. This class is also PAYG and is £7.00


27 08 2020

Training will begin again at Shelfield Community Academy on Tuesday 8th September 2020.

It would be helpful if any regular Streetly students who can manage to swap to Tuesday class then please do so. It would be a great help as, due to social distancing, numbers will be limited in the squash court at Streetly

Sifu Virk is looking forward to seeing everyone again after this long break.

Just a reminder that training at Streetly will begin again on 14th September 2020.


Sunday Tai Chi

25 08 2020

Sunday Tai Chi classes will be temporarily moving to Wednesdays 10am – 11am from 23rd September.

We will also be following government guidelines regarding social distancing, track and trace and using hand gel.


6 08 2020

Good news folks! Training at Streetly on Mondays and Wednesdays will begin again on 14th September 2020. WHOOOHOOO!!

Due to social distancing rules we will have to limit the amount of students we have in each class.

Therefore it is important that we find out how many students will be coming back to training.

Could you all please contact Sifu Virk or email, via the website, if you intend to come back to training in September.

We will also be following government guidelines regarding track and trace and using hand gel before entering the court. There will be no contact training ( blocks/knife defence etc..) during lessons.

Things would be easier if we knew when the Shelfield class was going to open as it has a large hall but we are still unable to contact them to find out.

Thank you.


16 07 2020

We would like our students to return to Kung Fu and Tai Chi feeling they can train in a safe environment. We will of course be adhering to the Government guidelines. Our core principal has always been to follow these guidelines with regards to health and safety. Once we return to training we will continue with all safety measures we have in place enhancing them as required.

At the moment we are not sure when classes will restart. All we know at the moment is that Streetly Community association will be reopening on 14th September. We can’t give a date for the reopening of the Tuesday class in Shelfield as we are unable to contact anyone at the moment.

instructional videos

5 05 2020

new instructional videos of Mui Fa and the second part of Gung Gee Fu Fook Kuen are now available on Instagram. I am currently trying to do a specific page on the site to upload these videos. You will find a link to Instagram in the sidebar and the videos in IGTV.


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