We are a member of the Five Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association, which is a collective of martial artists from around the world who wish to promote the Chinese Martial Arts to the highest level.

• Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu 

• Five Thunder Dim Mak 

• Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Gar)

• Ancient and modern Chinese Military Martial Arts 

•  Liu He Ba Fa (Hua Shan)

Sifu Virk (chief instructor of MACKF) is a Wu Lei Chuan 6th Degree Black Sash Duan Wei Rv 1Grade. He is also one of the senior instructors in The Five Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association.

Anyone wishing to train in Kung Fu, Kickboxing or Tai Chi is always welcome to come along to one of our classes. If you think you may be too unfit then rest assured we will only expect you to train to your limitations. 

Training with us will help you with:

  • Fitness and Strength..mind & body

  • Better health and flexibility

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Learn practical self defence for everyday life

If you are interested in learning Kung Fu then please use the contact form to book your half price (£3.50) introductory lesson. Please make sure than you wear comfortable loose clothing ( eg: jogging bottoms and a round necked t-shirt ) and footwear appropriate for training in.

All ages welcome (aged 8 upwards) 


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